Seminar, 25 May: Dr Christabelle Sethna on ‘Animal Metropolis’

Dear all,

Ahead of (what was meant to be) our final seminar next week Wednesday with Dr André Krebber, LASN is delighted to announce that we have a surprise guest speaker. 

Please join us on Friday 25 May at 1pm in Baines SR G.37 to hear about:

“Animal Metropolis”

Dr. Christabelle Sethna
Professor, Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies

University of Ottawa

Presenter: Dr. Christabelle Sethna is a Professor in the Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies, University of Ottawa, Canada. She is a historian, and has published widely on the history of women’s reproductive health. Her new work is on representations of animals and human-animal relations. Her chapter in Animal Metropolis considers the racialised memory of Jumbo the elephant in St Thomas, Ontario.

Free PDF copies of the book are available here, for those who may be interested.

We look forward to seeing you next week at 1pm next week in Clothworkers North Building LT Cinema 2.31 for André’s talk, and then on Friday the 25th with Christabelle for our final seminar of the year.


Animal Metropolis Cover1

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