LASN Seminar 7 November: Rosamund Portus on Bees and Extinction

Rosamund Portus, PhD student in the Department of Theatre, Film and Television, University of York, will be joining us on 7 November for our first seminar of the 2018/19.

Stories of Extinction: The Role of Creativity in Responding to and Resisting the Decline of Bees.

Her presentation will focus on her research so far, thinking through the role of creativity in ecological issues (specifically the loss of bees). She will be talking about the ‘extinction studies’ genre, reasons for the loss of bees, environmental communication, and the research she has been conducting with creative practitioners.

Rosamund Portus is a second year PhD student at the University of York. Rosamund works in the environmental humanities, specialising in extinction studies. Her PhD research asks how the potential extinction of bees has prompted creative practice. More specifically, she studies how people are using creative practices to narrate, discuss, experience, challenge and potentially resist the decline of bees. Rosamund is part of the WRoCAH Extinction Network, which entails working alongside two other postgraduate researchers at the Universities of Leeds and Sheffield.

1-2pm, SR 11 Emmanuel Centre, 1a Cavendish Road

Rosamund Portus Stories of Extinction.001


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