Spring Keynote 25 March: Prof. John Vucetich (MIT) – Restoring the Balance: Lessons from Wolves on a Wilderness Island

Professor John A. Vucetich, Michigan Technological University

Restoring the Balance: Lessons from Wolves on a Wilderness Island

5pm, 25 March 2019, Roger Stevens LT 15 (11.15)

Professor Vucetich will review the ecological science to emerge from the wolves and moose of Isle Royale National Park. The project – entering its sixth decade – is the longest continuous study of any predator-prey study in the world. Vucetich will also highlight some implications of the research for the broader relationship between humans and nature.

Biography: John A. Vucetich is a professor at Michigan Technological University, where he teaches population biology and environmental ethics. He leads the Isle Royale Wolf-Moose Project and has authored more than 100 scholarly publications on topics, including wolf-prey ecology, extinction risk, population genetics, and environmental philosophy. john green hat JE1H7787According to the ISI Web of Science, he is the third most productive and cited scholar in the world with respect to the ecology of wolves for the period 1997-present (the period of time covering his professional career). His work in environmental philosophy includes topics such as the endangered species law, wilderness, conservation triage, advocacy by scientists, hunting and more. His ability to relate science and ethics has captured the attention of scholars, the general public, and governments around the world.

Please register your attendance via Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/prof-john-vucetich-michigan-tech-restoring-the-balance-lessons-from-wolves-on-a-wilderness-island-tickets-58275780428


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