Formed in 2016 at the University of Leeds, and funded by the Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Cultures, the Leeds Animal Studies Network (LASN) encourages collaborative modes of research which touch upon diverse approaches to the ‘animal’ in the arts, humanities and science.

With the rise of critical animal studies projects like the Creaturely Life reading group and The Animals and Philosophy Exploration (APE) Collective, we are interested in forging meaningful links between scholars and disciplines. We publicise and disseminate relevant events, research projects, publications and opportunities in Leeds, the White Rose Universities and further afield.

2017-18 directors: Caitlin Stobie (School of English), Dominic O’Key (School of Languages, Cultures, and Societies), and Sunny Harrison (Institute for Medieval Studies)
2016-17 directors: Sunny Harrison and Caitlin Stobie